Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Morning Update

The doctors just came in and said they plan to do the Trach surgery here pretty quick. The one down fall to that is they will not be able to do the Respiratory Therapy for 24 hours. Tonia loves this treatment because "it makes me live". She calls Robert the Respiratory Therapist her Hero because the treatment "gives me courage and makes me live". So they will give her one more before they do the surgery, then she will have to wait for some time. They also said that she will have to work really hard and hopefully she will regain some ability to talk. She then told the doctor "I will work hard". And as we all know she will do her best like she does in everything she does.


Anonymous said...

mom ilove you very much my haert goes with you everywere love autin

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Our hearts go out to you and the kids. In my mind I see Tonia with Brianne rocking her and singing to her and reading her books. I'll forever be grateful for the service and love that Tonia showed to my little Brianne. It just like Tonia to be giving service up until her last breathe. God bless her. We just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

the Kresie Family