Friday, March 25, 2011

Tonia's 3 Year Returning Home

With all that's been happening it is hard to believe it has only been 3 short years since our beloved Tonia went home. it is difficult to keep up on some days. Since last year we have had 3 graduate high school and now 2 have joined the Army. Payton is stationed in Korea and has gotten married before he went. RileyJohn has just recently joined and will be going to Basic training in August. Austin is working on starting a new eco friendly airline company. To add to this we have a new grand son named Terikk thru RileyJohn. Terikk is one of the cutest kids this side of anywhere and looks so much like his dad. Tonia would be very happy with this bundle of joy. These are the moments I am sad that Tonia can not be here for. There is so much turmoil in the world and at times in the family that I am happy she is not going thru but these proud moments and especially these Grandparent type moments I know she would love. I hope Heavenly Father let her hold little Terikk before he came. I remember how much love Tonia felt for the children and can only imagine how good a grandmother she will be when the chance comes. Kristi is certainly doing a great job though so there will be no current loss of spoiling and loving for Terikk while we wait for that reunion. Our other kids are groing right along with Sage as a junior and Brady will be getting his drivers license later this summer. Kaya and Dax are in the 8th grade and Chance is in 6th.

Tonia's tree is just rocking in our yard. In last years picture it was still way off the ground but all last summer I was trimming it off the ground a few inches to mow around it and the branches were so thick you could barely see the lights thru them in the summer. It makes a cool halo on the ground under it though and during the winter the lights shine really beautiful.

I am ever so grateful for the care given to Tonia by our Father in Heaven. And to the many people who helped him bring her that care. I know she still has an influence on our lives and pray that our children can feel it too. Kristi often comments on how thankful she is to Tonia for teaching me to be a better husband and father and I am grateful for that as well. I am equally grateful for Kristi helping me continue to improve. While I am not looking for any thing to happen soon I do look forward to the day Tonia and Kristi get to know one another in person. I believe it will be a day of great Joy.

I am sorry if anyone reading this feels I am rambling but there is so much to say but the words and space to say it elude me. There is great emotion in my heart when I think of Tonia and I am trying to type thru watery eyes and jumbled good memories mixed with current thoughts. Suffice to say in closing, I love you Tonia as do many here on earth and happy birthday my dear Elfette.