Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago our beautiful Tonia, my Elfette went home to our loving Heavenly Father. I have been thinking alot of what to write this year. It is always a matter of deep consideration of how to best celebrate the memories and legacy of our wonderful wife, mother, daughter, grandmother and friend. I will start with the most basic of these thoughts this time. Our dearest Tonia, you are loved greatly and missed often. Many of us see different things that remind us of things you cared about and enjoyed and we are granted fond memories to enjoy for which we are grateful. It is different for each of us but each can find many things to remember. There are flowers, horses, jeeps, mountains, fishing, your special tree, pictures, your beautiful children and family. The list could go on. Much as our love for you goes on. Forever!! Tonia I will always be grateful for your devotion and love shown to me and for the way you have taught me to love our savior. This year has been packed and in the spirit of celebration I have chosen to to do what I believe Tonia would want and focus on the better parts. Austin is in good health and working in Salt Lake City. He has recently turned the ripe old age of 21. RileyJohn will soon be turning this same ripe old age and is still healthily enjoying his work in the service of our country in the army. He is still stationed in Fort Hood, Texas and has a likely, possibility of deployment this summer. He does not know where to yet. Sageryann is currently beginning her life in a new appartment with a new job. The Adventure is beginning! Brady is a senior! He is doing well and will be graduating on May 31st. He is considering whether to go on his mission this summer or later in the winter months after working for a few months. Kaya as a sophmore is having more fun then ever in school and has met new friends that have taken her out to have fun a number of times. Dax is also a sophmore and is doing much better in school this year and is also meeting some new friends and was ordained a priest this past February. Chance is in the eighth grade and enjoying a guitar class as well as his role as president of the deacons quorum and he is active in a school council type program. Terrik is a fast paced 2 year old with a growing vocabulary and loads of fun bundled in him. Just watch out for those shiny teeth. :) Payton, also 21 and Britney have been blessed to transfer from Fort Riley, Kansas to Fort Lewis, Washington just a month and a half ahead of their first child and our first granddaughter. She is due in within the next 3 to 4 weeks now!!! Brook and Ross were blessed in September with our 2nd grandson Max and he is so Cute! They blessed Kristi and I with being in the delivery room which was great! Ross has a new job as well. While I have not done great at keeping up with friends who are out and away from us I can say that Joni and Steve Miller have been called to serve as mission president and mission mother of the Albuquerque, New Mexico Mission. Steve's sweet mother Ruth has also gone home this past year. I am betting Tonia laid a great big hug on her and this time it didn't hurt either one of their necks. I spent 2 different 15 day periods in China this year for work and while I was gone my mother Terry and my sister Denise spent a lot of time here blessing us with help and encouragement especially during my trip in November to December as Kristi's mother Pat gave us a scare with a heart attack while I was over there. Thankfully her health has been blessed after some serious surgery. While Kristi has had some health scares as well and still has a lingering issue we can't name yet we are doing pretty good overall. I got to go to Seattle for work in early March and took the opurtunity to go see Tammie and Ted which I enjoyed very much even though it was only for a few hours. Things are definitely as crazy and busy as ever but Kristi and I keep plugging away grateful for our Saviors help and all of our family. Tonia, I love you very much and I wish you a Very Happy Birthday!! Love Elf and the rest of us.