Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Night Update

Today the docotors found some fluid surrounding Tonia's lungs. So they inserted a drain to relieve some of the pressure and allow the lung to expand better. They have also agreed to do the Trach in her throat sometime tomorrow. This will allow them to take the tube out of her mouth. Tonia is looking forward to this proceedure. She looks forward to being able to lip words to us without the tube obstructing her lips and to get a good water swab in her mouth. Tonight as Terry and I saw Tonia she was very alert and quick with her mind. She taps the syringe in her mouth with her teeth, as we point to the letters. This way we know which letter she needs to spell out the word she would like us to know. However, by the time Tara made it to the room (not 1 minute later) she was falling asleep. So it sure takes a toll on her to communicate with us.

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