Monday, March 24, 2008

MRSA Infection

So we have all been worried from the beginning about Tonia catching some kind of infection. When the accident happened she did have a staph infection which can lead to scarier infections. Well as of yesterday she has a MRSA Infection in her lungs. I was just talking to Ryan on the phone and things are just not looking the best for Tonia. My heart truely goes out to you Ryan please let me know if I can do anything. I plan to go set up a donations account today so that anyone that would like to contribute can. To find out a little more about MRSA infection you can check out this site


Anonymous said...

We love you little sis!! We love you Ryan Sage, Austin, Riley John, Brady and Kayonia!! Please know our thoughts and prayers are always with you!! Love,
Cindy, Glenn, and Wyatt

Bronx said...

Hi Tonia & Family. thank you for the great inspiration of faith you have all been to us. thank you for the example of a great family. Our prayers are with all of you. We even have the Catholics in Puerto Rico praying for you:). Love Rafael & Teresa Reyes