Friday, May 9, 2008

Tonia's Poem of Brianne

This poem was written by Tonia right after she lost her sweet baby friend Brianna,

A tiny set of footprints marked right across my heart ,
through time and years they never will depart.

In my pain and darkness you reached and took my thumb,
and began to heal my heart which was icy cold and numb.

Your fragile little body struggled to survive while,
here was I, who wasn’t very grateful to even be alive.

With your tiny little body held close to my heart,
you brought back the music that I had for so long sought.

A baby of my own was my biggest dream,
now you and I were a little team.

I to nurture you and you to save my soul,
you helped guide me back into the fold I wonder if you ever knew.

Your sweet spirit left us all to soon,
and in the blackened misery I could not hear the tune.

Then I felt your love surround me I really felt you near,
I knew with God I would not need to fear.

For then I knew, He knew my heart and when His time was right,
my child and I would no longer be apart.

For now while God holds you close to His heart,
I’ll pray I’ll work I’ll live I’ll strive to do my part.

Your life and love helped make me strong,
now closer to my Savior I do belong.

Children of my own now fulfill my heart,
never can they erase a tiny set of footprints cherished in my heart.

I love you Brianne
Thank You

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