Friday, May 9, 2008

Poem by Brady Eccles


It’s not easy to overcome
the loss of someone you love and hold dear to your heart.
It’s not easy to overcome the many emotions
that you feel inside. Sadness,
of happiness. Your happy that they’re in a better place and
your sad cause you probably didn’t get to say good-bye.
But they say “I want to go home
to my Heavenly Father”. Or “It’s my time to go.” Right
they’re gone and you start to cry and feel empty then
Someone wraps their arms around you
And try to comfort you.
You never look forward to the day
when the casket goes into the ground.
Your friends, relatives, and neighbors are there for support.
You try to smile at them but
you hide your face in sorrow. Then you start to cry again.
No matter how much you miss them,
you want them to be happy. You’ll see them at the
The day that Christ will come. Who knows how far away
that is. Right now all you want is
to run away to hide
and cry alone not be bothered.
You want to run and
never ever look

by Brady Eccles

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