Sunday, April 27, 2008

When you think of Angels

When you think about angel’s
Where do you look?
Do you think while reading your book
When I think about angels where should I look?

When you think about angels
Do you look in the sky?
Do you ever wonder why
Why did they have to die?
When do you think about angels?

When you think about the dead
What goes through your head?
Do you ever question?
Why did that happen

When you remember back
Do you ever think about the pain they went through?
Or have you ever tried not to?
What happens when you think about angels?

Have you ever just wanted to see your loved one
Just one more time
Have you ever tried to hold on to the last time you saw your loved one?
I have I know what its like to miss that person and then want to see them again

As time goes by all I do is try
I just want to know. What its like to die
Mom I know you can hear me I am trying to be like you
Hey I know I make mistakes I wanna be able to see you again

Mom I know your with God
Hey I wanna know is it warm?
Do you ever think of me
I miss you more that you could imagine

Mom I really miss you
I just wanna see you
I felt your kiss
I am trying to be like you

I wish I could hug you one more time at least
When I think about angels I think about you
When I think about you I feel a heaven sent peace
Mom I hate the way I feel I cant stand to miss you
by Sage Eccles

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