Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tonia's Funeral

If you were unable to make it to Tonia's Funeral Services, let me assure you that it was wonderful. Her children sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and then following RileyJohn recited his poems which I will post in a future post. I have to say I was quite impressed by this young man and the strength he displayed as he brought laughter to the audience. Then following RileyJohn, SageRyann stood to give us some memories. Sage also showed a strength I dare say I would not have. Tonia sure raised her children to be strong individuals. Following Sage, Joni Miller a very dear friend to Tonia stood and spoke. What an amazing lady to remind us to all smile because that is what Tonia would want us to do.Then Tonia's father Charles Townsend spoke some kind comforting words. Then a beautiful Violin Musical of There is a Green Hill Far Away chosen by Tonia performed by Patty Matheson. Then to close the services Ryan Eccles stood and gave the most heart felt beautiful words I have ever heard. Now if there is ever a love story... The one of Ryan and Tonia Eccles is one to be heard and remembered. So much strength and dedication was shown through their years together.After the touching service we followed outside as they gently placed Tonias bright yellow casket on a beautiful red horse driven carriage. Her children rode on the carriage with Tonia for her last ride. Following the beautiful Clydesdales and carriage was Trigger with a saddle filled with a beautiful yellow spray, and led by Ryans sister Wynnlee. Following Trigger was Ryan and Sage riding seperate horses. They rode down memory lane of their sweet home in Hyrum ending in the Hyrum cemetary.The grave was dedicated by John Tallmadge then soon after we filled the blue sky will yellow balloons in rememberance on our sweet beloved sister, friend, wife and mother. To all of you that shared this sacred memory with us, thank you for being there. And to those who could not make it, we felt your prayers. We love you sweet Tonia and will miss you until the day we meet again.

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